Communicator Functions

Communication ways

  • Text messaging and files;
  • Voice calls;
  • Video calls;

and etc..

Type of communications

  • Communication users 1 to 1;
  • Communication in channels, and channels can be open to a limited circle of people, with the ability to read and comment, as well as group audio and video communications (news and PR channels, internal group channels, corporate channels for solving problems, channels for applications and customer purchases) .


Built-in seamless integration with e-mail.

Online consultant as a separate channel of communication with visitors to your site.

Additional integration with telephony.

Integration with social networks and messengers in a single interface of the communicator.


Contact database of all employees (possibly with a hierarchy by department).


The base of contacts of all counterparties divided into groups. Separate employee access to the database. Full history of communication with customers.

File storage

Storage and search of all sent and received files.


  • Encryption of data transmitted over the Internet from client to server.
  • End2end encrypt private conversations..
  • Logging of inputs and data access.
  • Remote erasure of corporate data on external devices of employees. Emergency data cleaning.